Will Nash '17 and Jason Liu '18 take top honors worldwide in Physics Bowl

Congratulations to Will Nash '17 and Jason Liu '18 on their Physics Bowl success. Will placed second worldwide in Division 2 and Jason placed third worldwide in Division 1. The worldwide Physics Bowl competition is sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). Each year, approximately 10,000 students, from around the world, take a 40-question, multiple-choice test under their school's supervision. Division 1 is for first year physics students; Division 2 is for second year physics students.

Will consistently has been at the top of his Physics classes at King. He took AP Physics 1 last year and Physics C this year. Will was selected at the top universities and he will attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall.

"I was very surprised and happy with my Physics Bowl score. I competed with 6,000 students globally in the highest Physics Bowl division, so to place second worldwide was beyond anything I had expected. I was fortunate to have great science and math teachers at King School; I owe thanks to them and also to Dr. Zhanna Williams at Stamford Polytechnic," said Will.

"Will's focus, dedication, and curiosity led to his 2nd place finish on this annual test. They also led to his outstanding performance in Physics at King and on the AP Physics exams. I am confident that these traits will make Will quite successful in his studies at MIT," said Dr. Ken Spall, US Physics Faculty.

"Jason was one of the top students in this year's AP Physics 1 classes at King. His passion for physics led him to study additional topics and higher level material independently. He will be taking AP Physics C at King and competing in Division 2 of the 2018 Physics Bowl. Surely Jason's outstanding performance will position him well for admission to a strong engineering program," said Dr. Spall.

Jason adds, "A lot of hard work went into my success in the competition and I'm very proud of this accomplishment. More importantly, I'm incredibly thankful for the amazing support the entire King community has given to me and for the great instruction I have received from my wonderful coaches. Without all of this, I wouldn't be able to achieve this success."