Grade 8 shoots for the stars in the Annual Rocket Launch

Grade 8 students tested the laws of physics in May as they presented their Rocket Projects and participated in the Annual Rocket Launch. The Rocket Project/Launch is the finale to the year in Conceptual Physical Science (CPS). CPS is the first detailed introduction to physical science for students, covering concepts in physics and chemistry. In the first half of the year, the concepts of motion, forces, and energy are explored as students work to understand the fundamental laws of physics and the world around them, aided by application in disciplinary and collaborative projects. In the second half of the year, atomic structure, molecules and chemical behavior, are the major topics of focus, along with a detailed study of the Periodic Table. 

The Launch incorporates students' understanding of the concepts studied all year into a fun hands-on project, in which they design and build unique model rockets from scratch. This year, there were 36 groups of two launching 36 different rockets. Students enjoyed participating in the Launch and most rockets had very successful flights and landed on target, with a few exceptions. As Isaac Newton said, "What goes up must come down" no matter where it lands. View a full gallery of photos here.