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Grade 6 Science resumes class with the same assignment but a new normal

Lindsay Silbereisen, Science Faculty, did her best to bring back some 'norms' to her class last week, during the first week of KingIsHome Remote Learning. "Normally, students arrive to class, sit down, and start their 'Do Now' warm-up question on Google Classroom. The Do Now is intended to review and reinforce content from the previous lesson. Last week, I asked them to do the same, as we gathered remotely. Their Do Now was gearing them up for their next video project at home. I had them split into random breakout rooms and share their answers to generate more potential ideas. 

After the breakout rooms, we did a group discussion, as we do when we are on campus. Then we moved onto the agenda, which I normally project on the board so students can see an outline for the day. For remote learning, I shared the agenda on google classroom. They had a homework assignment due that day so I asked them to first show they have the homework and then split them into new breakout rooms to make collective corrections. 

Once they returned the second time I presented a scientific phenomenon. I showed them and explained my directions and expectations for the next assignment on google classroom. They were presented with a random image - some thought it was an eggshell, some a glass orb, and so on. The only clue given was that it's related to our current chemistry unit on matter - states of matter and phase changes, and they needed to figure out what this phenomenon was.

I opened up the chat for questions and comments and found that the students were very receptive and collaborated well in this new remote learning style. I look forward to future conversations and phenomenons this week."