Sink or Float: A STEM Boat Competition

Grade 6 STEM Boat CompetitionAs part of the STEM Boat Competition, Grade 6 students carefully eased their boats into a container of water to see if their work would sink or float. Students were challenged to design and engineer a boat that is less dense than water at room temperature to ensure that it is buoyant. They aimed to keep their cost and materials low because the boat with the lowest density wins!

“My team wanted to see how many washers we could float, and then suddenly we realized that we had the lowest density number in the class! I was thrilled for my teammates and me for our win,” said Marta Larini ’27 about winning the competition with her classmates Phoebe Lewis ’27 and Elisabeth “Gates” Seidleman ’27. The group named their boat “Da Big Hurricane.”


Grade 6 STEM Boat Competition