2020 STEM Colloquium & US Science Fair

2020 STEM Colloquium

Dr. Tom Castonguay, Chair of Science Department and Director of STEM, introduces the 2020 STEM Colloquium, which honors students for their passion, determination, talent, and achievement in STEM related disciplines.  Congratulations to Harry Amadeo for earning a STEM Distinction; you can learn about Harry's research in his presentation below.

2020 Upper School Science Fair

The Fourth Annual US Science Fair took place (virtually) in May. Dr. Victoria Schulman, Science Faculty and Director of Science Research, introduces the Fair and announces the winners. She comments, “This year was an unusually interesting year and I am really proud of all the students who participated for being able to adapt quickly when changes occurred." The competition invited judges hailing from prestigious institutions both near and far, including Yale University, Columbia University, the University of Connecticut, Weill Cornell Medical College, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Veterans Administration, and the National Institutes of Health. These professional researchers were overly impressed with the level of detail and precision our Upper School students displayed while completing original science investigations."

Please click on the names the presentations to see the projects presented by the science fair participants. 

Upper School Science Fair Winners

GradeS 11 & 12

Top Proposal—Coffee, Carbon, & Climate: Sustainability in the Coffee Industry by Samantha Berman & Sophie Pigott

Completed Projects:

1st Place – Brains vs. Brawns: A Study on the Impact of Athletics on Academics by Harrison Feinberg & Conor Newman

2nd Place – Are Overpriced Baseball and Softball Bats Worth the Money? by Jack Czaja & Zoe Tinnesz

3rd Place – The Unexpected Dangers of Flying by Thomas Mandel-Mantello


Top ASPIRE Project/ASPIRE Winner—Renal Cell Carcinoma can be Accurately Subtyped Using Convolutional Neural Networks by Ryan Heaton

ASPIRE-ing Scientist Award—Treatment of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma with Feraheme Nanoparticles by Wafa Nomani