LS students strengthen writing skills with Writers Workshop exercises

Grade 1 students scattered action figures, shells, dolls, Matchbox cars, and various toys across their desks on Thursday, January 18 as they were instructed to bring a few of their favorite things to class that day. Using these toys, students practiced their writing skills by describing the items laid out in front of them. They organized the items in order of their favorite to least favorite and wrote their opinions on likes and dislikes and expressed why. Descriptions included their physical features and differences, with some strong opinions thrown in for good measure:

"I think Incineroar GX is the best Pokemon card. First, he is very strong with 250 hp. Secondly, GX is very rare." Ethan

"I like the green hair brush because it is cute and one eye is winking...Finally, it is pretty because she has a flower on her head." Lucianna

This exercise is part of the Writers Workshop program in the Lower School which gives our growing writers the tools they need to draft, edit, and produce thoughtful works.

The LS program utilizes the Teachers College (Columbia University) Reading and Writing Project Units of Study in Writing. These units of study in opinion, information, and narrative genres of writing offer our students a comprehensive and exciting curriculum that touches on the prominent genres of writing that students will need to become familiar with moving into Middle and Upper School. Learn more about Reading and Writing at King.