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Historical figures come to life in the Grade 4 Living Wax Museum

In late February, visitors to the Lower School took a step back in time and 'met' Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Steve Jobs, and Abraham Lincoln, as well as 16 other historical and present-day figures as Grade 4 students presented their Living Wax Museum.

To prepare for the presentation, students selected a biography on a historical figure during Reader's Workshop. They used that text to launch into more research about their subject, focusing on areas such as their childhood, school, profession, and impact on the world. They embraced all of this knowledge to embody the person, through their words and costume, and presented to visitors in their classrooms. Guests pressed an imaginary button and the figures came to life, providing facts and insight on the life of each person.

Here's a few clues on who was part of the Museum:

"Did you ever think about stopping slavery? That's just what I did."
"Have you ever thought of a woman setting a world record in her 60's? I was one of the best shooters around."
"Did you know that I got paid $80,000 to play for the Yankees? I hit the second most home runs in the world."

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