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Grade 8 students explore duality, pairings, and internal conflict in Steinbeck's work



Stephanie Hoos, English Faculty, is asking her Grade 8 English class to ponder a few questions:

  • How does one character give us insight into another?
  • How does one character help us see the good/bad in the other?

Ms. Hoos's students are studying John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men during KingIsHome remote learning and she recently conducted a synchronous lesson. She comments, "We are studying Of Mice and Men with a focus on duality, pairings, and internal conflict. This week's focus has been the literary term of foils, character pairings that both mirror one another as well as give great insight into one another (windows and mirrors). Lennie and George, the protagonists of the novella, are quintessential examples of this concept in literature."

Ms. Hoos will use this concept, along with many other thematic/figurative elements such as symbolism and characterization to prepare her students for studying duality and pairings in Romeo + Juliet, their final literary text of this year.

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