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Grade 5 students become subject matter experts and authors

When students have the chance to apply their learning in tangible ways, they are able to experience concepts more fully, synthesize disparate disciplines, and reach deeper understanding. 

Grade 5 students enthusiastically accepted the challenge of researching to become experts on their topic of choice and then applying their learning by authoring, creating, and presenting digital, nonfiction books.  This informational writing initiative was part of the Grade 5 Writing Workshop that helps students master a variety of approaches to writing. One of the most important parts of informational writing is becoming an expert on a topic in order to inform others about it.  

The students became experts in different physical activities.  Using online resources, students learned to take organized notes about the history of the activity, the rules, gear or materials, famous people associated with the activity, and how the activity has evolved over time. Leveraging the text structures they had studied in Reading Workshop, students assessed and drew from their notes to create informational books in the online application, Bookcreator.  Working with Bookcreator, students also gained experience importing images and using artistic effects to make their books more engaging.  

Reflecting on this project, Grade 5 Faculty Colleen Gover commented: "My students were thoroughly engaged throughout this hands-on process and very enthusiastic about the research they conducted. They felt especially proud to share their final project presentations with their peers."

 We invite you to view the works of nine of our student authors:

  • Rock Climbing by Priya Dohil

  • All About Softball by Siena Gambino 

  • Surfing by Jaxon Grayson

  • Nothing But Net by Mason Hauben

  • The World of Sumo Wrestling by Alicia Leng

  • Dodgeball by Gavin Marcy

  • Volleyball by Camila Pajares

  • Horseback Riding by Anika Rizvi

  • Hiking by Sammi Tillman

Click on each book below to view in full screen.