Grade 1 Poetry Tea

Grade 1 students have worked on a variety of poems throughout the school year. They created poetry books where they published and illustrated some of their favorite poems that they have written. To celebrate all their hard work, students recited and shared their poems and poetry books during our annual Poetry Tea. Some of the poems they recited were, Keep a Poem in Your Pocket by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, The Hawk by Douglas Florian, Colors by Shel Silverstein, The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes, and a poem they wrote together as a class about Grade 1. Students also shared a personal acrostic name poem through a technology project using animation.

Our Poetry Tea is a special time that allows students to share the work they have done with their parents and special guests. Parents are also asked to join in the fun by writing their own poems and reading poetry books with their children, as well as sharing some delicious snacks and drinks with them.

Enjoy this poem that the Grade 1 class wrote about their experience this year.

Favorite class
Meeting new friends
Playing together
Great teachers
Building with Legos and Magna tiles
Reading lots of books
Writing stories and poems
Fun math activities
Exciting projects
Interesting field trips
Working hard
Drawing pictures
Sharing new things
Having fun!