Reading & Writing

A Skills-Based Approach to Reading, Writing, Thinking and Speaking

King fosters creative and intellectual development through a skills-based content-embedded approach to teaching reading, writing, thinking, and speaking, PreK-Grade 12, in a sequence that strengthens student expertise and allows for group and individual instruction. Elementary, middle, and high school students learn how to read carefully, write clearly, think critically, and communicate their ideas with peers. Students tackle challenging texts in English, History, Science, Social Sciences, and World Languages, and learn how to conduct thoughtful research in order to develop a claim (thesis) and support an argument.

We emphasize the importance of cultural, contextual, and technical aspects of written expression, and we equip students with a set of tools enabling them to read, think, write, and speak about a text on personal, communal, and global levels.

King students explore literary composition and nonfiction writing outside of the classroom. Students attend The Dodge Poetry Festival and submit creative work to competitions, including The Stamford Literary Competition. We are a community of writers and all students can publish their work. Students submit poems to the Lower School’s poetry anthology; short stories to the Upper School creative magazine, Ink; and articles to the Yearbook.

Literacy in Action

Socratic seminar examines controversial environmental topics with students leading the conversation

Grade 6 students examined controversial environmental topics and utilized elements they had practiced in their history and english classes. The preparation with their CEA - claim, evidence, analysis, is related to their job roles in English book club reflections and the inner/outer circle is similar to a style used in a recent History class debate. 

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Geography Bee tests students' knowledge and ignites grade-level excitement

In the end, it was a battle of the grades as three students sat on the stage in a row of otherwise empty folding chairs. Waiting for the next question was Colt Jones, Grade 6, Alex Stuebe, Grade 7, and Will Kearns, Grade 8, during the final round of the 5th Annual National Geographic GeoBee earlier this week. To prepare for the GeoBee, all MS students participated in the preliminary rounds in their history classes following winter break.

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Grade 1 Poetry Tea

Grade 1 students have worked on a variety of poems throughout the school year. They created poetry books where they published and illustrated some of their favorite poems that they have written. To celebrate all their hard work, students recited and shared their poems and poetry books during our annual Poetry Tea.

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Michelle Mulé '20 has been writing poetry for a long time and her skills are gaining recognition. Congratulations to Michelle for winning several Scholastic Writing Awards recently for her poetry, both statewide and nationally. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the nation's longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7–12.

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