MS Students find their balance with yoga

by Chris Gaynor, King Class of 2012 and a current Marketing/Communication intern at King

With a full day of academics, juggling schedules, and preparing for upcoming homework assignments, the opportunity to rest the mind and body rarely arises for most MS students.

"I think it is really important for students to unwind after a long day at school" said Rebecca Lotstein, a MS Coaching intern and Girls Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach. "The ability to have quiet moments at the end of the school day where students can focus on distressing the mind and body is very beneficial for young learners."

Coach Lotstein, along with Lee Couch, Mathematics Faculty, and Paola Grant, World Languages Faculty, provide yoga instruction for MS students, specifically Grades 7 and 8, on campus in the Middle School and PAC.

The class, which fulfills an athletic requirement for MS students, is not only centralized around providing students the ability to unwind after the school day, but also for teaching students different strategies they can utilize. "Students are able to take what they learn here in yoga and apply it to academic coursework, social situations, and sports, which is one of our main goals as teachers of the class," said Coach Lotstein.

Senora Grant, who has taught yoga for 10 years at King, has a passion for the class and the important lessons it teaches young students. "I love sharing the concept of having a healthy body and a healthy mind with the girls."

Along with relaxing the mind during class, students are also provided the advantage of getting a good physical workout as well. "Yoga stretches you inside and out in a lot of different ways. It targets your core, lengthens your muscles, improves your balance, and can improve your poise," said Ms. Couch.

Grade 7 student Erin Ercklentz is one of 22 girls enrolled in the course. When asked about what made her want to sign up for the class, she said "just the amount of fun you can have and the friendships that you can make while doing it." She continued by saying that the one thing she enjoys most about yoga is "the fact that I feel way more relaxed and less stressed when I come out of each class."

With a great combination of relaxation, mindfulness, and fun, this MS class is a perfect way for our young students to explore new and unique experiences within the King community.