Hot off the Press: MS students publish second edition of 'The King Post'

In November, our MS students published the second edition of their student newspaper 'The King Post' with an array of interesting articles, recipes, and Thanksgiving features. Grade 6 student Alexandra Gusinski started the club this year and showed a great level of initiative & hard work. The newspaper is one of many club activities from which MS students may choose that provide them with opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and personal development. Many of our clubs have long associations with our School, while others reflect the interests of students who choose to form a new club.

Tom Vorenberg, History Faculty, is the Advisor for the Club and enjoyed watching the students work together. "It is pretty remarkable watching the students collaborate and learn. The main role I play for the Club is referee during editorial meetings. However, it feels like we're in an actual newsroom. The students brainstorm ideas for the next edition and conduct a roundtable discussion over the merits of each idea until the sense of the room supports which ideas will turn into articles. Then, students volunteer to take the lead in writing articles on the topics. Some volunteer to be co-authors, and others volunteer to edit and be photographers. A few students put together special features like puzzles or cartoons. The following club meeting is exciting and chaotic because there are always last minute edits and rewrites before we go to press, which offers students a real-life experience of working on a deadline in a newsroom."

Alexandra Gusinski comments, "The newspaper club is important because students sometimes do not have time to inquire on things that they may find interesting, Instead, they can just flip through our four page newspaper and find what interests them! When we write about anything, especially the debates, and when people express their opinion in interviews, they are exhibiting freedom of speech, which is very important in this process." 

Grade 6 student Eddie Danziger is a member of the Club: "Our paper is important because I think it expresses our own opinions on things and we can have a debate about it. I decided to join the club because I like working as a team and discussing issues on many different topics."  Read the November edition here.