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US Model United Nations Club presidents share insight with Grade 8 students

Mr. Lewis's Grade 8 History class is busy preparing for a Model United Nations (MUN) conference in May, an exciting simulation project that will cap their final year in the Middle School. Presently, the class is researching information on climate change, and in their roles as representatives of UN member countries they are learning the who/what/where/why's of the issue; past actions that were taken by the international community to manage the issue; their assigned country's position or policies on the issue; and determining solutions from the perspective of their country. 

This week, the class watched a video (above) of a recent question and answer session between Mr. Lewis and two of the presidents of the US MUN Club, Alec Sherman '20 and Davis Shattan '20. Alec and Davis shared their experiences of collaborating with students from countries around the world to solve major issues; of overcoming the fear of speaking in front of a large group of delegates; of learning the principles of compromise and flexibility necessary to reach agreements; and the sense of achievement that comes from participating in such an incredible global event.

Mr. Lewis adds, "For my classes, Alec and Davis's enthusiasm was wonderful to see. This project prepares our students to be better global citizens by introducing them to critical world issues and emphasizing that research, collaboration, debate, negotiation, and compromise are necessary for resolving conflict and finding solutions. It is a great experience for both myself and my students."