Tung Tran

  • Science Faculty
  • Faculty Member at King since 1999
  • Grade 8 Physical Science. Head Coach Varsity Volleyball.
  • BS, University of Connecticut, Storrs

Why do you teach at King?
I love working with students at this age; it is a wonderful time of exploration, curiosity, and growth. I have been at King now for 17 years, so to say the least, I love it here - the people, the students, and my colleagues.

What motivated you to become a science teacher?
I love engaging students and helping them understand the world around them. Teaching science allows me to share many of my passions: from sports, to construction and engineering, to artistic creativity.

What do you hope your students gain from knowing you?
Academically, I hope they gain a certain sense of confidence in their knowledge of science and the world around them. As a teacher, they will realize that I am very straight forward and take learning very seriously in the classroom. As a person, outside of the classroom, I'm still a kid at heart and love my toys.

Describe a lesson you look forward to each year?
I love it when we get into Newton’s Laws at the beginning of the year. You can see all of the misconceptions students have when entering the class and all of the wow! moments when they learn something new.

How has science influenced your life?
In one word “Appreciation.” Science has given me a greater appreciation for life, from small to big. Everything you do in life is connected to science, and the more you can understand it, the more you can learn from it, the more you can appreciate it.

Describe what you feel sets apart King and our students?
In the 17 years that I have been at King, I have seen many changes institutionally. The school has grown so much, and you can see it in the landscape, from the turf field to the Performing Arts Center, to the Middle School building, and the renovated Upper School. Of course, it’s the students and Faculty which are most important. There is a nice diversity in our student body, from their backgrounds to their different modes of learning, and I think that distinguishes King from many of our neighboring independent schools.

King helps students achieve their personal best. How do you accomplish this in your classroom?
Much of my class is project based, which allows students to be creative in their own understanding, which allows them to have a deeper connection to the subject.

What drew you to becoming involved in coaching volleyball?
I have many passions and hobbies, and volleyball is one of them. I played a lot of beach volleyball growing up. During my 17 years of coaching, I have learned so much about the indoor game, and in those years we've been fortunate to have amazing athletes, and great success along the way.