Ted Parker

  • Associate Head of Upper School, Academic Dean

  • Faculty Member at King since 2010
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • BA, English and History, Middlebury College
  • MA Private School Leadership, Teachers College, Columbia University

Why do you teach at King?

I’ve always been impressed by how King combines the expectation that Faculty improve with the support to make it happen. We’re continually working together to improve ourselves and the school because King allows us the time and resources to do so. It makes for an exciting professional environment.

How does the King Digital Literacy and Innovation program evolve as students progress from elementary to middle to high school?

Our program’s impact evolves from the explicit instruction Lower and Middle School students receive in Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy to the implicit integration and application of digital literacy skills into classroom experiences and projects in the Middle and Upper Schools.

As a Program Director, how do you support the PreK-Grade 12 Faculty?

Because students develop Digital Literacy with practice—navigating digital media, evaluating them, engaging in them, and creating with them—I multiply my impact by helping Faculty to enrich their teaching with technology. I do so in one-on-one meetings, in after-school sessions, and in emails to the faculty about digital literacy and approaches to technology integration. I also work with our IT Department on lowering barriers to using technology on our campus, making it as accessible as we possibly can.

What do you hope your students gain from knowing you?

I hope they gain the confidence to express themselves clearly.

What advice would you offer to students who want to excel in digital literacy?

Tinker! Inherent in digital literacy is the ability to learn new technologies on one’s own. Let yourself become comfortable exploring the unfamiliar and troubleshooting when problems arise.

Describe what you feel sets apart King and our students?

Our virtues of integrity, perseverance, respect, and especially kindness. These weren’t just words that we chose to aspire to; they emerged in community conversations as the genuine touchstones of our culture.

King helps students achieve their personal best. How do you accomplish this in the Digital Literacy and Innovation program?

The Digital Literacy and Innovation program helps us to accomplish King's approach to teaching and learning. New technologies allow teachers to access and impact every student’s understanding rather than just feeling out the room or teaching to the average. Access to high quality online content also allows students to personalize their own learning more than ever—provided that we teach them how to.