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King Math Faculty deepen teaching methods by attending Singapore Math Conference

King has been using the Singapore Math Curriculum in the Lower School for the last 10-12 years and our Faculty continue to develop and grow in the methods of teaching mathematics. In King's continued support of Professional Growth and Development (PG&D), a group of Math Faculty from all three divisions attended the Singapore Math Conference, earlier this week, to learn from one of the most respected Math educators, Dr. Yeap Ban Har, who many educators refer to as "Singapore Math's Michael Jordan."

Dr. Victoria Khiznichenko, King Chair of Mathematics Department, attended the conference and comments, "It was one of the best workshops I've attended. Dr. Ban Har emphasized throughout the day that students of Mathematics Math should be able to

a) create a story when given arithmetic expression
b) draw a diagram
c) explain mathematics orally and in writing.

The important parts of the mathematics experience for all elementary students are developing number sense, visualization, communication, and pattern recognition.

At the conference, we participated in interesting discussions about teaching of Mathematics and the ways we can use Dr. Har's methods in our classrooms. We were very grateful for the opportunity to attend this Conference as a group."

The PG&D program at King enables Faculty to stay up to date on new research, attend top conferences and workshops, including this Singapore Math event. Importantly, our teachers bring all that they learn back to King by incorporating the new knowledge into their classroom lessons, sharing best practices with their colleagues, and even creating whole new course options based on their PG&D experiences.