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Food for Thought: PG&D Committee Facilitated Programs

The PGD committee at King is charged with organizing in-house professional growth and development including inviting speakers to campus, coordinating summer reading, and planning other events throughout the school year. The Food for Thought' series, which takes place 2-3 times annually, was created as a way to have faculty and staff from all three divisions come together and discuss various topics relevant to teaching and learning at King. Recently, these events have served as a venue to showcase and share information that faculty across the divisions have gathered and learned at conferences and workshops. Teachers share how the information is being applied in the different divisions and report that they learn a lot from each other and take away inspiration for their own classrooms, no matter the age of the students with whom they work.

In early December, a group of faculty from all three divisions gathered in the MS Commons for the first 'Food for Thought' event this year. This particular gathering was inspired by a recent Learning and the Brain Conference in Boston centered around "Educating Ethical 21st Century Citizens."

Clara Brodie, MS English Faculty, shared about "design journals," which encourage metacognition and taking academic and creative risks. This approach helps students and Faculty externalize and then organize the different aspects of their lives

Julia Finkelstein, US English Faculty, presented on civic learning, exploring the topic of citizenship and how we can develop this skill in the classroom. Ms. Finkelstein opened her presentation by posing the question to Faculty: What role, if any, did the 2016 election play in your experience as an educator this past fall?

Patrick O'Neill, US History Faculty, presented about his interdisciplinary approach of using Theater Arts and English to teach about a particular period in European history through Shakespeare's Othello. In doing this, Mr. O'Neill hopes Faculty will strive to further explore similarities between their disciplines and find opportunities to foster deeper learning through collaboration.

King is committed to Professional Growth and Development and makes one of the highest investments in this area among our peer schools. All Faculty participate in at least two PG&D training sessions each year and will have a chance to attend the next 'Food for Thought' in March.