Kenneth Lewis

  • History Faculty
  • Faculty Member at King since 2005
  • Grade 8 History - US and the World. Grade 8 Team Leader.
  • BA, Fordham University
  • MA in Secondary Education/History, Fairfield University
  • JD, University of Bridgeport

Why do you teach at King?
I identify with the culture and community - it is open, nurturing, and embracing. I also enjoy working with young people and helping them achieve a greater understanding of the world we live in.

What motivated you to become a History teacher?
History is a product of perspective, and a process of inquiry and interpretation. Students do not necessarily learn history, but rather “investigate” it and reach conclusions based on asking questions and seeking answers. I enjoy facilitating this process and in fact learn as much from my students as they hopefully learn from me. It helps all of us attain a greater appreciation of our past and also offers a glimpse into our future.

What do you hope your students gain from knowing you?
Very simple - a love of learning. I want them to appreciate the process of learning, and especially to understand the importance of self-advocacy, organization, and time management.

What advice would you offer to students who are new to King?
I would advise them to be open to new experiences, to take challenges and go beyond their comfort zone. There are so many great opportunities presented with a King education - take advantage!

Describe what you feel sets apart King and our students?
King is special in terms of its challenging education and wonderful facilities. But what really sets King apart is the professionalism, training and wisdom of its incredible faculty. I really enjoy observing my colleagues in the classroom and out. They are truly inspirational educators.

King helps students achieve their personal best. How do you accomplish this in your classroom?
I am very cognizant of the Student Learning Profiles. I am enthusiastic about project based assessment, and its benefits in providing a forum for different types of learners to display their skills. The Learning Profiles help me shape student project groups, so students can share diverse perspectives and develop new approaches which will expand their learning potential.