Dr. Victoria Khiznichenko

  • Chair of Mathematics Department
  • Faculty Member at King since 1999
  • Pre-Algebra; Algebra, Number Theory, and Probability (ANTAP); Algebra 1; Algebra 2 and Trigonometry; Pre-Calculus; Honors Pre-Calculus; BC Calculus; Discrete Mathematics and Statistics; AP Statistics; Geometry; Multivariable Calculus
  • MS, Electrical Engineering
  • PhD, Material Science
  • MAT, Mathematics, UT Dallas

Why do you teach at King?

King offers unique opportunities for teachers to develop their craft and help students learn in every way possible. I am actively encouraged to utilize a diversity of international teaching methods to help broaden students’ understanding of the material. Further, I enjoy King’s culture of respect and collegiality throughout the institution. It is a pleasure to work with genuinely nice and very knowledgeable people on a daily basis. For these reasons, I not only love teaching here, but have enrolled my own children at King as students.

How does the King Mathematics program evolve as students progress from elementary to middle to high school?

The Mathematics coursework at King ranges from basic arithmetic at the elementary level to linear algebra and differential equations for ambitious upperclassmen. Early teaching is focused on mastery of basic operational skills using methods such as those of the Singaporean and Russian math programs. In the later years, a variety of methods are used and tailored towards individual students. Throughout the Mathematics curriculum at King, there is an overarching emphasis on mastery thorough knowledge of fundamentals and repetition, and a deep conceptual understanding of the material.

As a Department Chair, how do you support the Mathematics PreK-Grade 12 Faculty?

In the Middle and Upper Schools, we hold joint monthly conferences to discuss topics common to both divisions. For the Lower School, I help organize weekly meetings at which teaching methods are discussed and clarified. I also make sure to meet with individual teachers at all levels to address specific concerns and opportunities.

What do you hope your students gain from knowing you?

A genuine appreciation and love of Math.

What advice would you offer to students who want to excel in Mathematics?

There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. Sustained effort is necessary for a deep and long-term understanding of Mathematics, irrespective of one’s initial abilities. I advise my students to be curious, consistent, and diligent in their studies.

Describe what you feel sets apart King and our students?

King places a high emphasis on volunteerism and building the character of our students. Further, the administration genuinely supports its teachers and students as individuals.

King helps students achieve their personal best. How do you accomplish this in the Mathematics department?

Students come to each Math class with different backgrounds and abilities. I like to survey each of my students about their learning strategies, goals for the class, and academic interests, inside and outside of class.