Dr. Gilles Chosson

  • Director of Global Education. World Languages Faculty, Social Sciences Faculty
  • Faculty Member at King since 2009
  • Topics in Global Studies, AP French & Intermediate Honors French (FR 300)
  • BA, MA & Ph.D in Romance Languages

What motivated you to create a Global Education program at King?

First and foremost, my hope is to affect young students so that they will create a better life and will work toward creating a better future for our planet and our society. This is the biggest reward for me, since I believe I can make a difference. I also feel the King School community is ready to embrace such an endeavor. I feel energized by the creative momentum among the Faculty, the students and the families.

How does the Global Education program evolve as students progress from elementary to middle to high school?

Throughout the divisions, the program goals are to expose students to specific content knowledge and build up the skills and character dispositions, which will make them future global leaders. At the Lower School, young students embark on a journey of discovery: they explore a variety of world cultures via hands-on projects, cultural diversity initiatives, global citizenship awareness and exposure to learning their first foreign languages. They also explore the environmental richness of our planet, and learn how to treasure its beauty and to respect nature. This journey continues at the Middle School where students deepen their global understanding of human geography, by gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the diversity of ethnicities, religions, languages, cultures and their history. The program also touches on anthropological aspects of various societies such as family and social structure, and the challenges traditional societies face in the context of the modern world. Furthermore, students develop their sense of responsibility toward our planet by learning about eco-friendly forms of energy and other pressing environmental issues. At the Upper School level, the students take a multidisciplinary, multicultural approach to examining global issues facing the modern world. They intensely study global problems -- environmental, socio-economic, diplomatic, and intellectual -- from diverse perspectives and learn how to assess the common interests and challenges they face as global citizens. For those students who are deeply passionate about Global Studies, they can pursue a Certificate of Distinction in global studies.

As a Program Director, how do you support the PreK-Grade 12 Faculty?

Support happens at various levels and in many ways. There are numerous professional growth and development opportunities which the Faculty can join every year. They also can choose to receive training in trip leadership, as every year we offer travel abroad programs. We have developed programs in nine countries, and there is more to come!

What do you hope students learn from traveling abroad?

I hope students gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of other cultures by examining them with an open mind and forming opinions about them from a comprehensive range of perspectives. The biggest challenge for every world traveler is to leave behind preconceptions and opinions of the ‘other culture’ and to immerse in it with an open-mind.

King helps students achieve their personal best. How do you accomplish this in the Global Education program?

King School students have access to a wide range of opportunities to develop their global mindset from PreK to Grade 12. In every class and programs we offer, we pay particular attention to the students’ interests with respect to the critical areas of global concern. Faculty identify these interests and work with learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Listening to students and engaging them to be our future global leaders is what drives each of us. Faculty truly discover what the students are passionate about and by focusing on their learning at an individual basis, we allow this passion to develop into great achievements.