Brian Coughlan

  • Mathematics Faculty.
  • Faculty Member at King since 2007
  • Pre-Algebra Honors. Basic Algebra
  • BA, University of Delaware
  • MAT, Manhattanville

Why do you teach at King?

It’s a school that embraces community and fosters growth. We are always trying to improve and build on our successes.

What motivated you to manage the King Summer Institute program?

Summer is an exciting time of the year and provides an important opportunity for students who want to get ahead or follow up on an interest. I like creating courses with teachers who are passionate about their subjects and give them the space to provide an opportunity for students to learn and grow.

How have you changed the Summer Institute program over the past few years?

We have increased the overall number of classes students may take for credit, including: Technology, Global Education and Performing Arts courses. We offer one of the most comprehensive Mathematics course loads in our region. I think it’s a testament to the strength of our academic program that 30% of students participating in the King Summer Institute are not currently enrolled in King. Our FunCamp has evolved into a unique summer day camp experience; the campers participate in weekly themed classes, sports, and go on daily field trips.

King helps students achieve their personal best. How do you accomplish this in the Summer Institute program?

Our class sizes are similar to what we offer during the regular school year, ensuring the ratio of student to teacher stays within a manageable quantity based on each course. We have many of the courses taught by our very own King Faculty members and if that opportunity is not available we typically attract talented Faculty from our surrounding peer schools. Students who are not from King are encouraged to share with their teachers strategies that have worked for them as well as to be open to trying new approaches.