Meet Amy Vorenberg, Head of Lower School

Amy Vorenberg describes why she is enthusiastic to lead King's Lower School. She believes academic excellence in elementary school is built upon a foundation of thoughtfully designed programming, excellent teaching, and a kind community.

"We believe that curiosity is a natural ability that children bring to their learning – we encourage students to ask questions, make discoveries, think critically, analyze and solve problems, be good listeners, and have fun being involved in the dynamic process of learning. We value every child and build strong, safe classroom communities where exploration and discovery leads to mastery."
Amy Vorenberg, Head of Lower School

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Amy Vorenberg's letter to King Community

Dear King School Community,

When I arrived for a tour of King, I was lead through the halls by three dynamic Grade 5 students, I was struck by their confidence, pride in their school, and joy in being a King student. When asked what they loved about King, their answers were inspiring: “I love my teachers!” “I love the community.” “I love that we get to be leaders and we get to come into school through our own entrance!” After my day at King, I knew I’d found a very special school and I am delighted to join the community as Head of Lower School.

I have dedicated my career to working with young learners in independent schools. Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work” – and I believe that the foundation established in strong, early elementary classrooms helps provide a base for successes of all kinds. Lower School children thrive when they are known for their individual passions and strengths, in classrooms where they feel safe and valued. King’s classrooms skillfully blend engaging intellectual inquiry with kindness and compassion. I am eager to work with the dedicated teachers in the Lower School to continue King’s long tradition of academic excellence in a warm and caring community.

I am enthusiastic to work with the King administrative team and am especially excited about working with Head Dr. Karen Eshoo. I plan to bring strong collaborative skills to my work with parents, teachers, and administrators as we, together, will continue King’s excellence in programming at the early childhood and elementary level.


Amy Vorenberg

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Amy Vorenberg

Amy was most recently at Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School, a private PreK-Grade 3 school in Washington D.C. where she served as Head of School. Prior, she was Head of School at The Philadelphia School, a PreK-Grade 8 school, and was the Lower School Division Head at Shady Hill School in MA. Amy has also served as a classroom teacher in elementary schools. Her experience has been built at schools in major urban, independent school markets. She is widely viewed as an elementary school expert, particularly in terms of shaping developmentally appropriate, challenging curriculum for young learners. She has a BA from the University of New Hampshire and a MS in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College.

Amy enjoys outdoor activities, including walks in the woods, skiing, and golf. She also loves to cook and spend time with her extended family. Amy and her husband, Tom, also an educator, are excited to return to New England to be closer to family and their favorite sports team, the Red Sox. Amy and Tom have one daughter, Ella, who is a teacher in an independent school outside of Boston.

Q&A with Amy Vorenberg

Q&A with Amy Vorenberg

Why did you choose to join King School as the new Head of Lower School?

I am attracted to the dynamic interaction among King’s student-centered, challenging program, its expert teachers, and its kind community. I believe these elements combine to make King an exceptional school that empowers students to achieve their personal best. In my 20+ years in education, I have witnessed in countless ways the enormous, life-changing benefits of a robust early childhood and elementary school program. I am eager to bring my experience to help shape the vibrant future of King’s wonderful Lower School.

What do you feel distinguishes King from other schools?

I believe King’s student-centered program distinguishes King from its peers. King faculty know students as individuals and understand them as learners. Importantly, the faculty not only know the students, but also take great joy in challenging each student to realize his or her individual personal best. The close relationship between Lower School students and teachers, and the partnership with teachers and parents, help students get to know themselves as learners, empowering them with a self-awareness that opens up more avenues to explore and succeed. It is this approach to teaching and learning -- knowing each student’s personal passions and goals -- that I believe is at the center of King School.

How does King challenge students?

Teachers respect students as learners by asking them to stretch their capacity beyond the comfortable and known, and by providing rich opportunities for growth as students strive to realize their individual potential. Lower School faculty use student-centered approaches to teaching and learning, leveraging the latest research on best practices in education. A dedicated Director of Teaching and Learning in the Lower School, and in each division, supports the faculty. King has developed a proprietary, internal system that highlights each student’s strengths, challenges, and goals. Teachers actively contribute to and utilize this database to support each student’s development over time as a student moves through our challenging academic program.

Does King offer robust programs in STEM?

Yes! STEM is integrated throughout PreK-Grade 12 and students understand how these disciplines influence one another. In the Lower School, students develop elementary concepts of computer programming while enhancing their fine motor skills using iPads, Scratch programming, and animation software. The Singapore Math Program provides students with sold skills in numeracy, pattern recognition, and geometric relationships. A new Lower School makerspace provides inspiration and tools for students to tinker and practice designing solutions to real world problems, so students gain a greater sense of self-confidence and purpose.

What is the Readers and Writers workshop?

The Readers and Writers workshop approach helps Lower School students become avid and skilled readers and writers. Teachers are able to address both whole group skills, as well as differentiate for the needs of each student within smaller groups and one-on-one meetings. The goals established for each student are informed by assessments. Students spend large amounts of time reading and writing, engaging with material that is of high interest and aligns with their personal goals. There are different genres and topics for children to explore. Using a “just right” book, a book which a student can both decode and comprehend, and writing about a topic that has meaning to the student, stretches each student to achieve his or her personal best.

How do King teachers grow professionally?

King makes among the highest investments in Professional Growth and Development (PG&D) among our peer schools. 100% of teachers participate in at least two PG&D training sessions each year. King’s ongoing PG&D not only furthers teachers’ own learning in the areas of both student development and content mastery, but also engages teachers who believe enthusiastically in the joy of lifelong learning.

How does King prepare students for the transition to Middle School?

The Lower School believes that using an intentionally designed, two-year Grade 5/6 sequence as an incremental progression into the middle school prepares early adolescents for greater academic, social, and emotional success later in the middle and upper schools. This progression capitalizes on the developmental stage of Grade 5 students by positioning them as confident leaders of the Grade 5 program -- an important part of supporting them in their early adolescence -- while also exposing them to the content, skills, and transitional experiences that will prepare them for the challenges of Middle School.

What does King offer above and beyond a challenging academic program?

King students are encouraged to develop their talents and to pursue experiences in leadership roles, in the lab, on the field, on the state, in the art studio, and in music. Lower School students participate in a Talent Show in the fall and Grade 5 presents a spring musical. Additional enrichment offerings include Math Olympiad, Lego Mindstorms, Chess, and a Service Learning Club which offers ongoing opportunities to volunteer.

What is your impression of the King community?

I’m drawn to the King Virtues of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. I believe these exemplify the community’s commitment to inclusion, social responsibility, and skills needed to succeed in a multicultural world. In speaking with the teachers, students, and parents, I can tell that they genuinely care for and listen to one another.