Kindergarten invites visitors to explore their Kingdom

The Kindergarten classroom was transformed into Camelot last week as students unveiled their Annual Kindergarten Kingdom. Knights hung from the ceiling; shields adorned the windows, and a mural complete with labels that name parts of the castle decorated the back wall. Students enjoyed every aspect of this unit while utilizing math, art, reading and writing skills as well as technology.

Structural engineering terms such as foundation, balance, and symmetry were considered when building castles, utilizing students' math skills. Technology, story telling, and illustrating skills were used as a book was created using the "Book Creator" app on the ipad. Students then used voice recording to read the pages they created for their book If I Lived in a Castle I Would Be (viewable below)

Their knights came to life as they learned animation skills; taking pictures as they manipulated slight movements of the arms and legs of their knight and then displaying the movements in rapid sequence using SAM Animation software.

Faculty and Staff listened to students read, and then watched the animated knights. Students toured our guests through the Kindergarten Kingdom to view a large wooden castle built in the block area, a Lego Castle at the Lego Table and each students' individual artistic knights and shields.

Students ended their celebration with a photo cake of their mural...a delicious way to end this unit! Our visitors have heard, but now they know first hand, "Kindergarten is the Place to be"