Hands-On Learning in Kindergarten Pumpkin Math

Our Kindergarten students combined a pumpkin carving exercise with their Math class this week during our Annual Pumpkin Math exercise. Estimation was central to the lesson - making estimates and then determining the accuracy of their estimations. Students made their best guesses at how much yarn would be necessary to measure the circumference of the pumpkin before cutting and then measuring, They made guesses on whether the pumpkin was buoyant or would sink; what its weight would be; and how many grooves it had going around its body.

"Using this hands-on exercise students are able to practice and enhance their math skills while also having fun. At this young age, using observation and questioning, students are better equipped to tackle higher level math as they move through the Lower School," said Julia Rachinsky-Wood, Kindergarten Faculty.

After the Math lessons, students actually carved their pumpkins and displayed them in the Lower School. This activity is a perfect example of hands-on joyful learning in our classrooms. Have a safe and fun Halloween.