Grade 5 students explore colonial life

Grade 5 students had been learning about the New England and Middle Colonies and were ready to enjoy an immersive experience at Philipsburg Manor in late November. The Manor is a 1700's trading center and colonial manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY. In a program that explores the complex economic system of international trade in colonial America, students learned about the interconnected roles of enslaved Africans, Anglo-Dutch landowners, and tenant farmers, as well as the trade routes that connected the northeast with Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. In addition to Philipse family members, students heard stories about Ceasar, Dimond, Sue, Abigail, and other enslaved workers who lived and worked at the manor. They explored the manor house, that also served as a hub of a thriving business operation. At the mill and barn, through hands-on activities, including shelling beans, threshing wheat, churning butter, and turning gristmill stones, students learned about many aspects of colonial life and work from different perspectives.

This field trip provided students with a hands-on understanding of all they had studied in class and a new appreciation for the history of our country.