Grade 2 students become 'published' writers and celebrate with book signing

For Grade 2 students, sometimes the simple moments are the most memorable. Students celebrated some of these moments by writing about them, drawing inspiration from authors Jack Ezra Keats and Nina Laden, and 'publishing' their small moment stories. Their work was unveiled at an Author's Toast and Book Signing, in October, where parents had a chance to read their child's story as well as the work of other students. Parents then wrote positive comments and words of encouragement for the writers. The celebration ended with a sparkling apple cider toast to the Grade 2 writers and the mentor authors who inspired their work - Keats and Laden.

A few students and parents shared their thoughts on the event:

"It was fun to read my story to my parents." J.J. Gambino

"I liked reading all the comments people wrote about my story." Ethan Gigliotti

"What a lovely event. It was nice to get together and see all the students show off their work. They were all so proud and there were some very entertaining stories." Parent Kathy Mendez

This year's first complete writing unit for Grade 2 was part of King's dynamic, multisensory Writers' Workshop approach in the Lower School, which gives our growing writers the tools they need to draft, edit, and produce thoughtful works. Learn more about the Reading and Writing program at King.