Global approach to teaching world languages in King Lower School



The Spanish class in Grades 1-5 takes a global approach to teaching and learning world languages. Rosalba Santander-Cervantes, World Language Faculty Spanish PreK-Grade 5, uses a balanced-based approach that practices reading, writing, listening, and speaking while introducing students to the diverse cultures found throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

In each unit, students explore a different country, learning about its customs, traditions, and geography. This fall, Lower School students learned about Honduras, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Argentina. Students develop an interest in the language, engaging in cultural topics and real-life communication throughout each unit.

Students collaborate and complete hands-on activities that help develop the four essential language-learning abilities:  reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Additionally, students use critical thinking skills as they compare the Spanish speaking cultures to their own community's culture. Ms. Santander-Cervantes describes her goal as "empowering students to build the tools necessary to cultivate an understanding, an appreciation, and an interest in Spanish-speaking cultures and peoples. It is by doing so that they can become global citizens." 

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