Congratulations to Grade 5 student Catie Harvey on her film premiere

On Friday April 7, Grade 5 student Catie Harvey attended the New York City premiere of the Japanese animated feature film "Your Name." together with the fellow actors who helped create the English version of the movie. Catie voiced the character of Yotsuha Miyamizu, the younger sister of the main character. The movie was the highest grossing film of last year in Japan and the highest grossing anime film of all time worldwide. Its United States release was widely anticipated after the film won the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Animated Film for its dazzling portrayal of Japanese landscapes and the exploration of teenage identity.

"The audition process for this movie involved reading lines for Yotsuha in a Minnesota accent", recalls Catie. "The producers wanted the character to have a rural accent that would contrast with the city accent of some of the other characters in the movie".

The production company announced the English language cast in a November 2016 press release. "The dialogue for this movie was recorded using the process called Automatic Dialog Replacement, or ADR", says Catie. "We worked on matching my character's English lines with the precise lip movements of the animated images. I learned to be patient and tailor my speech to the requirements of the animated footage."

The movie earned an exceptional 97% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes and continues to earn critical acclaim from movie critics at the New York Times, LA Times and other publications.