Grades 1-5

Continuous Growth

When young children are encouraged to ask questions and make their own discoveries, they become good listeners and critical thinkers who gain the confidence to take on challenges and seize unlimited possibilities. King School’s Grades 1–5 program is an interactive, hands-on experience that nurtures a love of learning and working with others. 

King weaves this bold thinking throughout the student experience. Our students thrive as they embrace teaching and learning experiences that are age-appropriate, spur self-discovery, and inspire greater ambitions.


A Better Standard for Grades 1-5 Education

At the heart of King's private elementary school is our exceptional Faculty who know each of their students as an individual -- and use their students' interests, learning patterns, and personal goals as part of lesson planning, course selections, and activities outside the classroom -- all directed towards inspiring, challenging, and supporting each learner. Our talented elementary school students thrive in a challenging academic program within a culture of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. We prepare students for a lifetime of learning by developing skills at an early age, building a foundation in STEM, reading and writing, and more.

Within a safe, nurturing community, students are comfortable to collaborate with others and take risks, and, in the process, children gain confidence in their abilities to be successful learners. Our teachers, students, and parents together foster the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of each student.

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“We created the Grade 4 probability carnival for the younger students. Even though they were having fun, we were actually teaching them math!”

— Gracie H., Lower School student

“King encourages me to follow my passions. I like STEM activities. We get to make our own objects that solve the problem that needs to be solved.”

— Varun B., Lower School student

“In Science, we were real inventors, creating our own inventions to help us solve a problem. In Math, we learned about economics by creating a marketplace and selling a product to our classmates.”

— Tim D., Lower School student

Lower School in Action

Grade 4 Students Send Letters to Pen Pals in Spain

As Jackson Rosen '29 jotted down some of his favorite things for his pen pal, Rodrigo, he exclaimed, "I have so many things I want to share, I don't know which ones to pick!" Using a template, Grade 4 students wrote about themselves in Spanish for their pen pals in Malaga, Spain. They shared some of their favorite things, such as their favorite animal, sports, food, color, and celebrations.

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Grade 3 students are inspired to advocate for change

Guided by their teacher, Ellen Eagleton, grade 3 students are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about and empathetic to social issues in the world. Adom Bedu-Addo is inspired by César Chávez because "people would still be treated like slaves on farms" without Chávez's advocacy on behalf of farmworkers. "People can now have freedom, though there is more work to be done to have people treated equally," Adom adds.

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Art, identity, and self expression in King Lower School

How do I express who I am through art? King students in grades 4 and 5 confront this challenge, developing self-expression as well as technical drawing skills. Art and Design Faculty Debbie DePouli reflects that "with the turmoil and uncertainty of our current times, the art studio is a place for students to hone their creativity, while having a safe outlet to process their experiences and emotions." 

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