Early Childhood

A Better Standard for Early Childhood

When young learners see education as a place to experiment, create, construct, and connect, they develop a more expansive mindset. They experience education as a path of discovery, understanding, wonder, and joy.

These ideas are grounded in the Reggio Emilia inspired, project-based teaching and learning practiced at King School, a private school for early childhood education. We encourage our PreKindergarten (starting at age 3) and Kindergarten learners to collaboratively explore intentionally created vibrant classroom spaces where children are actively engaged in the process of learning from the earliest ages.

Reggio-Inspired Early Childhood Program

Project Learning and the Foundations for Self-Discovery

King uses a project-based teaching and learning approach in our PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms to support the developmental range of our students as part of our private early childhood education program. 

King’s teachers carefully design learning opportunities by listening to students’ ideas and questions and then creating the corresponding curriculum that allows young students to ask questions, gather data, make models, develop hypotheses, and teach others about their learning. 

Academic emphasis areas include language, early literacy development, math, and science. Our teaching teams carefully curate the materials used in our classrooms. Children are encouraged to express their understanding of the world through a multitude of resources, including art supplies, building blocks, pencil and paper, and the tools of a scientist.


“We believe that curiosity is a natural ability that children bring to their learning – we encourage students to ask questions, make discoveries, think critically, analyze and solve problems, be good listeners, and have fun being involved in the dynamic process of learning. We value every child and build strong, safe classroom communities where exploration and discovery leads to mastery. ”

— Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff, Head of Lower School



When our youngest learners enter King classrooms at age three or four, they arrive as naturally curious and full of wonder and joy.

As they learn about problems and topics of interest to them, students interact with primary sources and share their knowledge through culminating projects and demonstration. They develop a deeper understanding of the value of learning, the importance of asking questions, and the value of research and inquiry to learn more about the world and about themselves. 


Kindergarten students and their teachers take research in project work to new heights, as they look across the King campus to understand more about themselves and their school community. 

Project studies include problems and topics of interest to children; students interact with primary sources and share their knowledge through culminating projects and demonstration.  

Through project work, children are encouraged to be academic risk takers in a safe, secure environment. Within the context of a familiar, accepting classroom, they also try new activities such as acting in a play or standing in front of a group to perform a song. They learn that making a mistake is acceptable and part of the learning process. Children gain an awareness and appreciation of other people, both within our classroom and in the larger school community.

Early childhood students

Students are empowered by their natural curiosity in King's new Reggio-inspired Early Childhood program

The child-centric approach is evident in the setup of the classroom itself. In the shadow of the forest construction, children have access to activities that serve as vehicles for skill development including a watercolor station, a sewing machine corner, a light laboratory, and a cozy library nook. The setting allows children to practice fine and gross motor skills through creative expression.


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Lower School in Action

King School and the American School of Warsaw Partner to Help Ukrainian Children

King School is partnering with the American School of Warsaw to support Ukrainian children who have fled their country due to the Russian invasion and sought refuge in Poland. This week, King is collecting school supplies such as crayons, markers, pencil cases, notebooks, pens, and pencils to send to Ukrainian children who are attending the school in Warsaw. 

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Grandparents and Special Friends Visit Campus for Joyous Celebration

King’s annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day celebration returned to campus this year with joy, smiles, and hugs as guests joined their children in the bustling classrooms of the Lower School for a day of engaging activities and learning. Head of School Carol Maoz opened the celebration with gratitude for the support that grandparents and special friends add to the community. 

“Today, we celebrate the connections between the generations. All of us at King have a tremendous appreciation for our community and the partnership we form with our families as we all work together to help our students learn and grow. That includes you – grandparents and special friends,” said Maoz as she kicked off the event. 

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Inaugural King of Spring Events Bloom Into Action

King of Spring was in full bloom on King School’s campus last weekend. The inaugural festivities showcased King’s extracurricular programs – Athletics, King Cares Service Learning, and Performing Arts – during a week of fun-filled activities. 

Leading up to the weekend, each division hosted a different theme each day for Spirit Week to kick off the celebration with a major show of Viking Pride. To name a few, the week featured a tie dye day in the Lower School, Wacky Wednesday in the Middle School, a neon day in the Upper School, and an all school King Spirit day at the end of the week. 

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Young Scientists Research Independent Projects for Science Fair

A crowd of lower school students looked up in awe as a bottle rocket launched to near ceiling height at the Lower School Science Fair. Using a pressure pump, Ella Mendez ’29 and Ella McKee ’29 hypothesized that the more air pressure they added into a soda bottle, the higher the bottle will rocket upwards. The students learned that there were other variables that impact the height of the bottle such as its angle at launch and the force of gravity. The fair, which took place on April 28, presented new innovative ideas from the fifth grade class.

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King School’s Biennial Gala Returns After Pandemic Pause

King School’s biennial gala returned to campus this year with invigorating energy after an extended pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The glass ceiling tent was filled with cheer, laughter, and the sound of clinking glasses as over 350 guests gathered for the event which took place on Saturday, April 23, on the King School campus. 

Head of School Carol Maoz kicked off the evening. “Tonight, we celebrate our community, and we celebrate the ability to gather in person on this beautiful campus – something we no longer take for granted!”

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Little Vikings Explore the Long Island Sound

Our little Vikings ventured off to SoundWaters earlier this week to explore the treasures of the Long Island Sound. First grade students participated in two hands-on learning experiences that introduced them to local animals and the negative impact of oil spills on the Long Island Sound and beyond.

The class was divided into two groups for simultaneous lessons on each subject, followed by interactive STEM experiments. The first group got up close with live animals, touching and holding the creatures to observe clues about their ways of life in the Long Island Sound.

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