Will Hall-Tipping '20 named as Global Citizens Initiative Fellow 2019

Congratulations to Will Hall-Tipping '20 on being selected as a Global Citizens Initiative (GCI) Fellow 2019.

According to the GCI website, "Fellows are participants in the GCI Fellowship. They are outstanding and engaged global citizens from around the world with an innate commitment to build a better tomorrow and catalyze positive change. In just a couple of weeks, 28 Fellows from all sectors of society and all corners of the globe will start their GCI Fellowship by gathering at the GCI Summit 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. All 28 will become part of our global community where individuals embrace their unique colorful stories and cultures as they design and implement local solutions to global issues that transcend social, economic and political boundaries. This year's cohort represents 26 different cultural heritages, speaks 24 languages and studies at 22 schools in 12 countries! And 75% of them are on needs-based financial aid to take part in the GCI Fellowship."

Will: Home Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Russia
"At 3 years old, I was adopted from Irkutsk, Russia. Although it took stacks of paperwork and approvals, a long process through the tough and intimidating Russian courts, and 5 trips, my parents were determined to get me out of that orphanage and into our family. It is because of their fight that I understand my own life as an opportunity to apply that same determination to give others that same chance. My parents have helped to show me the value of an education in becoming a curious and independent thinker. Whether it's because of the story of my background or how I was raised, I've always found it fascinating to learn the stories of others, and how aspects of people's experiences have come to formulate what they believe. To me, there's always something to be learned from every person and their experiences."

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