US students collaborate, debate, and succeed at the Brown Model United Nations Conference


The King Model United Nations (MUN) team had remarkable success at the MUN conference at Brown, Nov. 8-11. Nineteen delegates from our Upper School participated in a variety of committees and engaged in interesting topics. Diana Degnan '20 received the best delegate and first place award role playing Andrew Carnegie in a historical simulation of the Gilded Age, 1892, and Alec Sherman '20 received the third place award and honorable mention for the same committee. "All of our delegates were intensively involved in their respective committees, getting valuable experiences that will certainly improve their academic and leadership skills such as reading, writing, listening, collaborating, lobbying, debating, and boosting their self-confidence," comments Christos Galanopoulos, Chair History Department and MUN Advisor. 

"I had a lot of fun at the Brown MUN Simulation. I portrayed Andrew Carnegie in a committee in the Gilded Age where we discussed government corruption, labor unions and laws, and anti-trust legislations. It was a really great experience to work on public speaking and collaboration with other committees students from all over the country. You leave the conference with an in-depth understanding of your position and time period and you get to meet lots of new people and have fun at the same time." - Diana Degnan

"Model United Nations has allowed me to become a better leader, peer, and student. I have built upon my skills as a public speaker, collaborator, and listener, while also broadening my global perspective. At the Brown University conference, I expanded on these abilities while arguing from the perspective of railroad tycoon Leland Stanford in the Gilded Age (1892) committee, defending myself against accusations of murder and political bribery. While it was an honor to be recognized at the conference, I found it gratifying to hear all the positive feedback about the experiences of our other King participants. As co-president of the Model UN club, it was rewarding to watch the underclassmen begin to develop the skills that I have found extremely useful from my experiences in the club. I look forward to Harvard MUN, where our team will continue to grow and develop into the leaders of the future." - Alec Sherman

Model UN helps develop leadership skills, gives students a global perspective, and is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone in experiences unique to this club.