Understanding the World Stage from Experts: Another Successful Day at the United Nations for our Global Scholars!

On Thursday, May 17, a group of US students from Dr. Chosson's Global Studies class, along with Dr. Chosson and Ms. Bowe, participated in a Global Classroom at the United Nations hosted by Dr. Seret, Executive Director of the International Cinema Education (ICE), an NGO based at the U.N. The global classroom is a program for high school students. In line with I.C.E. and King's Mission, we use film as a catalyst to facilitate discussions, to teach international events, global finance, crosses cultural affairs, critical thinking, and multi-disciplinary subjects. It also offers social, political and economic overviews of international countries by using film, literature and private United Nations briefings. Thereby, students are exposed to conflict resolution techniques that are inclusive of cultural acceptance and understanding.

On Thursday, through a close study of the film Terraferma, which addresses the migrant and refugee crisis in Europe, Dr. Seret captivated the group of 11 students with her expert analysis of the current situation, as she interacts all day with diplomats and is able to bring a variety of perspectives to our global scholars. After the class, the group enjoyed a tour of the United Nations, and then proceeded to the Diplomatic Mission of France for a briefing on the role of France and the E.U. at the U.N., namely related to human rights and humanitarian issue. The group interacted with a Global Expert on Strategic Affairs, who answered our students questions on issues such as human rights in China, the migrants crisis in the E.U., the future of the transatlantic alliance, and the successes and shortfalls of the U.N. on a variety of initiatives.

The Global Studies class at King introduces students to the concept of globalization as a dynamic process and condition. It explores the causes and effects of globalization and surveys the socioeconomic, sociopolitical, technological, and ecological dimensions of globalization, as well as the ideologies of globalization. The entire day was a memorable and meaningful experience for our future global leaders.