Louise Dill '19 and Justin Zide '19 recognized for their creative writing in French essays

Seniors Louise Dill and Justin Zide were honored at an assembly last week for their recent award-winning French essays. Last spring, Upper School Advanced French students worked on a creative essay with the topic "A Day at Versailles with Louis XIV." Denise Mihailoff, World Languages Faculty, was so impressed with Louise and Justin's work that she submitted their essays to the "Society of the Friends of Versailles". Two weeks ago, King received two letters of commendation for Louise and Justin, from Madam Bénédicte Wiart, Director of the "Society of the Friends of Versailles."

In their essays, the students imagined that they used a time machine to go back in the days of Louis XIV at Versailles. They met with Louis XIV and participated in different activities with him. "I was impressed with their creativity; i.e. Louise mentioned that she and Louis XIV spoke about the most urgent issues between France and USA; and the details they had in describing the gardens, the palace, the clothes, and the language," commented Madam Mihailoff.

"I was very honored and happy to receive this award. My paper is about traveling back in time to the 1700's and experiencing what the castle of Versailles was like. I described what the castle and the gardens looked like and what it was like to meet the King Louis XIV and his nobles," said Louise. You can read her French essay here.

"I'm very thankful to receive this award. I tried my best to give the most accurate description of the Castle of Versailles that I was able. In my essay, I wrote about walking through the gardens and imagined eating a meal with Louis XIV. I focused on the amazing scenery and the size of the palace, both the interior and exterior," said Justin. You can read his French essay here.

Toutes nos félicitations to Louise and Justin!