Grade 4 takes visitors on a trip across the country at the Annual State Fair

It was a quick trip around the United States for visitors on Wednesday, May 22, as they attended the The Grade 4 State Fair. To prepare for the Fair, each student chose a state to research in class, using many different sources including books and websites. They created a poster board for the state and brought in props and a special food from their region for their audience to sample.

The State Research Project is multi-disciplinary, with the learning crossing into special classes. Students created region murals in Art, which captured the essence of each region. In Science, they created state trees and flowers out of recycled materials. In Music, students learned the 'Fifty Nifty State' song and performed it for the entire Lower School at a recent assembly. Also, they displayed a state brochure at the Fair, which they created in Spanish class. It was a true team effort and an unforgettable immersion experience for the students.

Students' refections: 

"My favorite part was learning about the different states and it makes you really want to go there!" - Sammi

"It was so exciting and I wish it could be two more days, because an hour and 30 minutes is too short. I want to do it again." - Siena

"I enjoyed the State Fair because I liked how the people asked really good questions and I was lucky to be able to answer them all." - Grayson

"I thought the State Fair was great and I wish we could do it again and again." - Mason D.

"The State Fair was a great opportunity to learn a lot about many different states outside of Connecticut." - Samantha M.

"I liked doing the activities in the special classes to go along with what we did in the classroom. The mural was really fun because we got to work with people from the other classes and they turned out so well." - James