LS students become researchers and creators in Global Studies

The LS Global Studies program, which took place March 2-11, was an eight-day adventure across Central and South America. The three phases of the program allowed students to conduct research on a select country and choose where they wanted to dive deeply into their learning. In the final phase, students built conceptual understanding through art, media, 3D models, and writing.

“When I think about what drives students’ passion for learning, I think about choice. Young students are inspired when they choose their learning direction. Global Studies allowed students to gain problem-solving skills and become courageous thinkers with a deeper understanding and inclusive view of our world,” Heather Wagner, Director of Teaching and Learning PreK-Grade 5.

Thank you to our entire community for your flexibility and ingenuity as we unveiled the museum last week, a bit earlier than we had planned due to the campus closing just prior to spring break. Watch the video here and stay tuned for more photos and videos!