King Students Lead Annual Model United Nations Training Conference

King's annual Model United Nations (MUN) training conference took place last week and was impressively organized and managed by our senior and junior leaders. Their main focus was training the underclassmen on the finer details of MUN conferencing. Christos Galanopoulos, History Faculty and MUN Advisor, comments, "I commend the students for their leadership, especially in demonstrating caring guidance and enthusiasm for teaching their peers. I commend the underclassmen for listening carefully to their peers and showing respect for their knowledge. It was an event that exemplified the virtues that King School fosters."

Natalie Dagnall, mother of Ross Falcon '22 and Samantha Falcon '20, was the guest speaker for the event. Ms. Dagnall graciously offered to participate since the assignment for Harvard MUN, which takes place in January, is South Africa, and Ms. Dagnall possesses valuable knowledge and experience on South Africa. She was born and raised in South Africa during the years of Apartheid, and worked as a lawyer for human rights during that volatile and historically significant period in South African and global history. "We are extremely grateful to Ms. Dagnall for agreeing to be our guest speaker and providing a very informative and moving presentation," adds Mr. Galanopoulos.

Many students participated in the training and shared their thoughts on their committees and the day:

Grethe Andersen '19 and Henry Lazarus '19: "GA2, a crisis committee focused on addressing the water crisis in the Middle East and North Africa region, was a success. All of the delegates worked hard both before and during committee in order to communicate and collaborate on resolutions. The committee, in total, created two resolutions. However, it only passed one. They handled multiple crises with aplomb and the chairs were all impressed with the level of debate that was present in a committee filled with mostly new members of the Club. Although all of the delegates were impressive, the chairs recognized Maya Becker '21 and Wafa Nomani '21 as honorable delegates and Sam De Chiara '20 as the distinguished delegate. We are excited to see the committee members in action at future conferences, as they definitely showed a lot of promise."

Annie Michalski '19, Co-President of MUN: "As one of the leaders of Model UN, I was incredibly impressed and excited about this year's King Model UN Conference. While there were several new club members, each and every delegate quickly picked up their roles, and I saw great improvement as the day went on. I loved watching the younger members become so excited about something that I love! I was able to observe both of our committees during session and crisis breaks, and the delegates, chairs, and crisis director's were all enthusiastic throughout the day. The two topics, the water crisis in the Middle East and space colonization, served as interesting and relevant debates that kept the delegates on their toes and allowed for creative solutions. We also had an amazing speaker, Ms. Dagnall, who gave an impressive and engaging speech on South Africa and her experience living and working as a human right's lawyer during Apartheid. I am excited for the year ahead and have great confidence in our Club and its members!"

Alec Sherman '20: "In the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), delegates negotiated to form a solution to space weaponization and usage for the future. Throughout the committee session, representatives discussed potential options to deal with agriculture, telecommunications, and newfound alien technology. To help advance the discussion, the chairs implemented several crises, including the discovery of alien weapons in the hands of a hostile leader. Delegates worked hard to make creative solutions to address the issue, and in the end, they compromised to produce a resolution that discussed plans to neutralize threats and secure peace. The new Model UN participants learned the format of Model UN conferences and gained valuable experience. We awarded Outstanding Delegate to Ross Falcon '22 and Best Delegate to William Bernfeld '22."

The MUN Club at King promotes student understanding of international issues and relations; promotes understanding of the role and procedures of the United Nations; fosters public speaking and negotiating skills; enables motivated students to experience contact, and to measure themselves in interaction with able and motivated college preparatory students from around the nation and the world.