Diana Degnan '20 inspires the King community to make a difference in the fight against world hunger

The US Gymnasium was transformed into a food processing plant on Wednesday, March 6, as Diana Degnan '20 lead the charge to pack over 100,000 meals for the Feed My Starving Children organization and feed nearly 300 children for a year. At the end of the day, Middle and Upper School students and Staffulty helped exceed the goal and packed 101,304 meals (469 boxes) in total. This ambitious undertaking was part of Diana's Capstone Project for Global Studies and the effects of her work will be felt thousands of miles away.

Over the past few weeks Diana has presented to students and Staffulty and shared facts about worldwide hunger, information about the Feed My Starving Children organization, and stories that have illustrated the difference these meals will make in the lives of others. This special event truly reflects the role service plays within the educational process, as well as our students' commitment to service to the broader community, both locally and internationally.

The day included three two-hour sessions where students and Staffulty participated in packing MannaPack rice meals: rice, soy, vegetables, and vitamins. To begin each shift, Feed My Starving Children staff gave students a quick orientation in the PAC with instructions on how the packing would take place. Following the orientation, the groups moved to the US Gym where they took the job of either station members, warehouse crew, or labelers. Most of the students were station members. They directly packed the food into bags and then weighed, sealed, and organized them into boxes. The warehouse crew floated around the area, picking up finished boxes, refilling ingredient bins, and restocking supplies. The labelers sat at a table where they placed expiration date stickers on all the bags. 

Diana comments, "I think that everyone enjoyed the event and learned that our collective actions can make a huge difference in the lives of those around us, even those thousands of miles away. I hope I have inspired those around me to get involved in nonprofit work and do what they can to make a real world impact. More specifically to Feed My Starving Children, I hope that people have learned about the detrimental effects of starvation and malnutrition and see that there are children in our world who do not have the basic needs of life. But most importantly, I hope what people take away is that we can completely change the lives and future of those much less fortunate than ourselves right now; our two hours is, for some, the difference between life and death." 

Thank you to our entire community for your support and participation and especially to Diana for her shared vision and dedication to this wonderful cause. CT News12 was on campus all day covering the event. View the video here.