College Counseling

King's four-year developmental program enables each student to discover the most competitive fit

The college counselors know each student well and support students and families with a four-year developmental program that centers on empowering students as they reflect on their passions, capabilities, and ambitions and on discovering the most competitive match for each student. The college counselors have deep expertise in colleges and the college process as well as strong relationships with college admissions officers nationwide. The productive partnership among college counselors, students, teachers, parents, and colleges helps students discover the most competitive fit.


  • Shaping curricular strategy
  • Guiding activity selections
  • Developing standardized testing strategy
  • Identifying a college list
  • Completing applications
  • Making a final decision with thoughtful and reflective care

As the matriculation list shows, King students attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country. King graduates are succeeding in many different careers and use the lessons learned here everyday.

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"King College Counseling provided me with all the resources I needed in order to be confident when I "hit send." One of the impressive aspects of this process at King is that it starts as early as freshman year. Whether it be editing supplements, discussing strategy, or calming nerves, the counselors' doors were always open; a steady support system in a time of uncertainty."

- Hope Deschapelles '19 Vanderbilt University

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Developmental Program Prepares Each Student

Grades 9-10 Program

College counselors work with Grades 9 and 10 students on preparing the foundation for the college process:

  • Identifying curriculum choice/development
  • Shaping strategic extra-curricular engagement
  • Preparing to evaluate colleges
  • Understanding the nomenclature of a wide variety of college and university settings
  • Understanding what is required to gain admission at a wide variety of schools throughout the United States and abroad.

Grades 11-12 Program

College counselors work with Grades 11 and 12 students on college admissions and the application process:

  • Learning what constitutes an excellent application to college through college counseling and evening seminars on topics including: college interview preparation, college essay development, standardized testing timeline and strategy, developing a resume of activities, letter of recommendation guidance, and visiting colleges
  • Discussing strategic application programs (early decision, early action, restricted early action)
  • Identifying a college list
  • Visiting colleges
  • Meeting with college admissions representatives who visit the King campus
  • Filling out applications
  • Making a final decision with thoughtful and reflective care.

College Counseling in Action

Class of 2019 takes the next step in their journey: Commencement 2019

It was a perfect evening to celebrate excellence, friendship, and 96 members of the Class of 2019 as the King community gathered under blue skies and a massive white tent. This year's Commencement Exercises took place on Friday, May 31, and included remarks from Head of School Dr. Karen Eshoo, and three Valedictorians: Grethe Andersen, Mallory Ehlers, and Annie Michalski. The Commencement Address was delivered by Nedgine Paul Deroly '04 and the Senior Speaker was Dean Pigott. 

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The journey continues: Class of 2019 Matriculation

Congratulations to the Class of 2019. One of the key benefits of a King education is the many different opportunities we offer students to discover and pursue their passions as they grow as learners and people. Thanks to the tireless guidance and support of their teachers, college counselors, and families, the successes they created for themselves in the classroom, on the field, and on the stage helped them earn acceptances to the best schools in the country and abroad.

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Twelve members of the Class of 2019 are newly inducted into the Cum Laude Society

Congratulations to the new King inductees. These students have chosen rigorous academic programs and have met the requirements of all those courses of study and have often exceeded them. It is their sustained excellence over the entire course of their high school careers that marks them as worthy of consideration, although that is not to say that they have not grown emotionally and intellectually during the journey.

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