King School College Counseling

College Counseling

The college counselors know each student well and support students and families with a four-year developmental program that centers on empowering students as they reflect on their passions, capabilities, and ambitions and on discovering the most competitive match for each student. The college counselors have deep expertise in colleges and the college process as well as strong relationships with college admissions officers nationwide. The productive partnership among college counselors, students, teachers, parents, and colleges helps students discover the most competitive fit.


  • Shaping curricular strategy
  • Guiding activity selections
  • Developing standardized testing strategy
  • Identifying a college list
  • Completing applications
  • Making a final decision with thoughtful and reflective care

As the matriculation list shows, King students attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country. King graduates are succeeding in many different careers and use the lessons learned here everyday.

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"King College Counseling provided me with all the resources I needed in order to be confident when I "hit send." One of the impressive aspects of this process at King is that it starts as early as freshman year. Whether it be editing supplements, discussing strategy, or calming nerves, the counselors' doors were always open; a steady support system in a time of uncertainty."

- Hope Deschapelles '19 Vanderbilt University

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King's four-year developmental program enables each student to discover the most competitive fit

Developmental Program Prepares Each Student

College Counseling in Action

Making the Case for College

Eighteen admissions representatives from all over the nation joined King's Grade 11 students in an interactive program designed to mimic the college admissions review process. The students reviewed sample college applications for five students. In small committees guided by their anonymous admissions professionals, they explored the pros and cons before ultimately determining which applicants to admit, deny, or waitlist. 

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Students empowered and guided by the King School College Counseling program

As part of King setting the standard in preparing students for a world that requires nimble, courageous thinkers who own their futures, King offers a four-year developmental College Counseling program that enables each student to discover the most competitive match.  Nick Camacho '21 emphasizes the support he's received, saying, "My counselor, Mr. Volain, and the rest of the college counseling office at King have been incredibly helpful to me in my college search. From identifying colleges that would be a good fit for me, to helping me fine tune my applications and essays, they've supported me throughout the whole process."

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Congratulations to the 2020 US Prize Day Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 US Prize Day awards. At King, excellence occurs in a community context. Our 2020 Prize Day recognizes individuals as embodiments of excellence in a diverse range of areas that are all important to our School - but the fact is that no one can achieve anything alone. "Teachers, classmates' comments or debates in class or in study groups or teams, great assignments, careful coaching - this is what supports excellence. We all call on each other to seek excellence, and we at King never stop seeking it," says Marnie Sadlowsky, Head of Upper School.

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