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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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College Counseling

The college counselors know each student well and support students and families with a four-year developmental program that centers on empowering students as they reflect on their passions, capabilities, and ambitions and on discovering the most competitive match for each student.

The college counselors have deep expertise in colleges and the college process as well as strong relationships with college admissions officers nationwide. The productive partnership among college counselors, students, teachers, parents, and colleges helps students discover the most competitive fit.

Each student, starting in Grade 9, is paired with an experienced counselor who guides the college preparatory journey.

  • Shaping curricular strategy
  • Guiding activity selections
  • Developing standardized testing strategy
  • Identifying a college list
  • Completing applications
  • Making a final decision with thoughtful and reflective care

King's four-year developmental program enables each student to discover the most competitive fit

As the matriculation list shows, King students attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country. King graduates are succeeding in many different careers and use the lessons learned here everyday. Colleges and Universities can learn about school visits and see our school profile by visiting our College Visits page

Developmental Program Prepares Each Student

Grades 9 and 10

Preparing the foundation for the college process:

  • Identifying curriculum choice/development
  • Shaping strategic extra-curricular engagement
  • Preparing to evaluate colleges
  • Understanding the nomenclature of a wide variety of college and university settings
  • Understanding what is required to gain admission at a wide variety of schools throughout the United States and abroad.


Grades 11 and 12

 College admissions and the application process:

  • Learning what constitutes an excellent application to college through college counseling and evening seminars on topics including: college interview preparation, college essay development, standardized testing timeline and strategy, developing a resume of activities, letter of recommendation guidance, and visiting colleges
  • Discussing strategic application programs (early decision, early action, restricted early action)
  • Identifying a college list
  • Visiting colleges
  • Meeting with college admissions representatives who visit the King campus
  • Filling out applications
  • Making a final decision with thoughtful and reflective care.

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Meet the Team

College Counseling at King is supported by a team with deep expertise in colleges and the college process as well as strong relationships with college admissions officers nationwide. Contact us with any questions and learn more about each team member below. 

Jessica Landis

Director fo College Counseling and Academic Guidance

David Volain

Senior Associate Director of College Counseling

Emily Prince

Assistant Director of College Counseling

Julia Naclerio

Associate Director of College Counseling


"I learned so much at King, particularly efficient study skills and how to write correctly and effectively. At college, I look forward to utilizing these skills, among many others that King has helped me foster."


"King helped me realize that I can successfully pursue my core classes plus hobbies and activities. Now I feel prepared to experiment in college with majors and exciting courses."


"At King, I learned the importance of staying true to myself and valuing unique perspectives. In college, I look forward to applying the life skills and lessons I’ve gained at King to pursue my study of Communications."


"I am so grateful to King School; it really was a team effort from my teachers to the Administrators to my college counselor, Mr. Volain. My teachers not only prepared me academically for the college application process, but also took the time to get to know me as a person. The college guidance process starts early at King, as teachers set high expectations for their students and create a plan to help you meet those expectations. Princeton was my dream and they helped make it a reality. I am confident that King has thoroughly prepared me for college and I am excited to be challenged academically and athletically at Princeton. I found King to be a warm and welcoming environment where students support fellow students. I came to King in 10th grade and felt instantly comfortable. My teachers and friends are extremely understanding of my challenging academic and athletic schedule, and support me so that I can thrive in both aspects. Also, our new Head of School, Dr. Karen Eshoo, is an energetic and collaborative leader who is off to a strong start. I believe she has a great vision for King's future and I look forward to coming back to visit King and seeing the growth of the King community."



"I feel very prepared for my next step at Colby College thanks to the King College Counseling department. My College Counselor was always there to help and calm me down and hand out chocolate when I got stressed. I really appreciate King's four year approach to guiding kids through the whole college process as it really helped me. I can't wait to be in Maine next year!"



"From compiling my list to celebrating my acceptance, King college counseling was with me each step of the way. I've been at King since PreK and I'm thinking about studying Philosophy and Economics in college. I'm beyond excited to begin the next chapter of my life at Duke University."



"I was offered the perfect amount of flexibility and support from the College Counseling office. I never felt like my wants were being over powered, and Ms. Landis was always incredibly insightful and leading me towards success. I am confident that William & Mary is the perfect school for me! I would not have been able to make it to this point without her guidance."



"I would not be where I am today without the help of my college counselor, Ms. Prince, and all the members of the college counseling office. They provided me with all the information I needed and more. Thanks to King, I look at the academic rigor ahead and feel prepared for what is to come. King has taught me a lot and has given me the skills and techniques I will need to succeed in college. Overall, King has been a huge part of my journey to college, and without their outstanding support and guidance, both with academics and outside commitments to rowing, I would not be the person I am today."



"The King College Counseling office has been very supportive. They made sure that I was confident in meeting my deadlines and helped me put my best self forward. I love PreCalculus BC and have formed a lifelong mentorship with my teacher, Dr. K. She made me feel confident in my abilities not only as a math student but as a student in general and made sure that I pushed myself to my full abilities. I am thankful for King's encouragement and I am thrilled to become a WashU Bear next year!"



"King College Counseling provided me with all the resources I needed in order to be confident when I "hit send." One of the impressive aspects of this process at King is that it starts as early as freshman year. Whether it be editing supplements, discussing strategy, or calming nerves, the counselors' doors were always open; a steady support system in a time of uncertainty."

College Counseling in Action

Ben Persily ’23 Awarded Milton Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity

Congratulations to Ben Persily ’23, who was recently awarded the Milton Fisher Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the region’s largest grantmaker and charitable endowment. The award recognizes Persily's work through King's ASPIRE program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which lead to breakthroughs in correcting the genetic mutation that causes cystic fibrosis through stem cells.

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James Raidt ’23 Commits to Duke University

King School congratulates James Raidt ’23, who has committed to Duke Baseball after officially signing his NCAA Division I National Letter of Intent. The early signing took place in the upper school gymnasium on Wednesday in a ceremony held before family, coaches, and friends. James has attended King his entire academic career and fully embodies the school’s virtues and commitment to excellence.

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King Students Commit to First-Choice Colleges and Universities

The College Counseling Department at King School has announced that 34 seniors have been accepted to their first-choice college or university and have already committed to attend. "This tremendous achievement represents years of dedication and hard work by the students, their teachers, and families, as well as the tireless commitment of our college counselors. I could not be prouder of everyone involved!" said Head of School Carol Maoz. To date, King’s matriculation reflects an impressive and diverse list of colleges and universities that best fit the unique interests and goals of its students. 

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Upper School Students Become Semifinalists for National Merit Scholarships

Three King students have been recognized as semifinalists for a National Merit Scholarship, a college fund program that selects individual students for their exceptional academic ability and potential for success in rigorous college studies. Karina Rao ’22, Ronald Harvey ’22, and Carson Perlman ’22 must fulfill several requirements to advance to the finalist level for a chance to be awarded a National Merit Scholarship and earn the title of Merit Scholar.  

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The Changing Landscape of College Admissions: An Interview with Director of College Counseling Jessica Landis

Last year’s graduates are now attending 60 different colleges and universities across 20 states, D.C., and the United Kingdom. We sent our highest number of students abroad during my eight years at King. We also saw our highest percentage of the class applying early decision (58%), and of those, over two-thirds were admitted to their top choice. 

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