College Counseling

Welcome to King School’s College Counseling and Admissions Program!

King School’s College Counseling philosophy centers on a four-year developmental program that is designed to deconstruct and demystify what has become a complex process involving many moving pieces. We holistically invest in “slow dripping” information to parents and students as they begin their tenure in our private high school. Understanding the parameters and requirements of college admissions earlier rather than later in one’s secondary school experience can only benefit each King student’s success.

Developmental Program

The first two developmental years (Grades 9-10) focus on college counseling related issues and information. From curriculum choice/development to strategic extra-curricular engagement to visiting colleges to understanding the nomenclature of a wide variety of college and university settings, King’s college counseling staff will prepare one to understand each individual’s “in school” achievement versus what is required to gain admission at a wide variety of schools throughout the United States and abroad.

The second two developmental years (Grades 11-12) focus on college admissions related issues and the application process. These two years will focus on college choice, college counseling classes and evening seminars addressing the many aspects of what constitutes an excellent application to college, including but not limited to: college interview preparation, college essay development, standardized testing timeline and strategy, developing a resume of activities, letter of recommendation guidance, visiting colleges, discussing strategic application programs (early decision/early action/restricted early action), filling out applications, and making a final decision with thoughtful and reflective care.

As the matriculation list shows, King students attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Our institutional position on the college admissions process centers on discovering the most competitive match/fit for each King student. As college students spend 90% of their time outside the classroom, it is imperative not only to seek a challenging and scholarly environment, but also one that feels comfortable and manageable both inside and outside the classroom.

We encourage you to contact us when questions arise and to explore the informative resources located in the parent and student portals to help you learn more about the college process.

Many Colleges Come to Meet King Students

College Counseling in Action

Class of 2018 Senior Projects focus on creativity and collaboration

During the last three weeks of the school year, all seniors develop and complete their own Senior Projects. The program encourages each senior to study, work, or become involved in exploring an area of interest that, it is hoped, might engage and inspire him/her. Hear from a few members of the Class of 2018 as they create, collaborate and inspire.

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Kelly Gouin '18 Earns USA Lacrosse All-American Honors

The All-American: Kelly Gouin Earns USA Lacrosse All-American Honors, for the first In Vikings History. A versatile lefty midfielder in both lacrosse (and equally as talented on the football field), Kelly remains adaptable, powerful and composed. In 2017, he was instrumental in leading the King Lacrosse Team to a FAA Tournament Championship and attended the Epoch Inside Lacrosse Committed Academy as a member of the Northeast conference team last summer to polish is craft.

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Two Members of the Class of 2018 are appointed to Military Academies

Our Upper School Prize Day celebrates students' talents and commitments as they're surrounded by their classmates, families, and faculty. On Wednesday, May 30, the ceremony included additional recognition as two members of the Class of 2018 were appointed to our country's military academies. Congressman Jim Himes, along with MyLinh Shattan, Congressional District Coordinator & USMA Class of 1991, appointed Abby Price and Evan Townsend-Henry preparing them to embark on a future of service and dedication. Abby will attend the United States Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, CO and Evan will attend the United States Military Academy Preparatory School, at West Point.

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