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Advanced Art students become children's book illustrators during KingIsHome remote learning

With one full week of KingIsHome Remote Learning behind us, Advanced Art 2 students have found themselves in a new line of work: they are now children's book illustrators. Ran Lapolla, Chair of Visual Arts, created the curriculum, which requires students to use Photoshop and follow specific steps outlined in this google doc.

Ms. LaPolla adds, "I think a hyperdoc is a great way for students to see the entirety of the lesson and to have a clear understanding of the steps involved in learning new skills. Doing it as a Google Slide presentation allows me to break it up into small steps. Each slide has a number so I can either assign it as asynchronous learning or we can do the activities synchronously together. Everything is in one document which I think helps keep it organized for the students during these confusing times."

The creative process will come alive for students based on a series of prompts from Ms. Lapolla:

  • Remember what it was like looking at beautiful books as a child?
  • How can you capture that feeling? How can you communicate best with young children?
  • How do you make them feel safe?
  • How do you retain their attention?

She encourages students to brainstorm and make thumbnail sketches of different visuals that pop into your mind. Ask yourself:

  • What does the main character look like? Is it a person, an animal, an object? How about the secondary character
  • What does the background look like?
  • What objects or props should be part of the illustration? How do I incorporate the text into my illustration?

See additional steps on Ms. Lapolla's google doc.

We can't wait to read the books and share the students' work as they continue to engage deeply with the experience of education and make unexpected discoveries, from home.