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Art and Design

In King School's Art and Design program, students are engaged in art-making based on observation and vision. They are encouraged to use critical thinking and to persist in exploring unique ways of executing their work.

Artistic skill-building is supported by exposure to the history of art and work from artists around the globe. Reflection and class critiques further strengthen artistic growth, and conceptual thinking. Students gain an understanding and respect for art through interacting with artists who are part of King’s Visiting Artists Program and the OPEN Mentor program.

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Areas of study include painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, ceramics, sculpture, and digital media, including photography, animation, filmmaking, web and graphic design.

In the Lower and Middle School, art classes meet two or three times per rotation.

In the Upper School, after a one semester required art class, students can choose to take Art and Design high school electives in specific disciplines or to take Advanced Art classes as a major course of study.

At the advanced level, students are guided in developing a portfolio and creating a website which are used during the college application process. 

King students across all three divisions participate in the Visiting Artists Program. For example, students enjoyed a week of creative expression in mixed media portraits as they worked with Michael De Feo, a New York City based artist internationally known as “The Flower Guy."

Visiting Artist Michael De Feo Inspires Students

Advanced Art Colloquium

Senior Advanced Art students develop a personal “theme” at the beginning of the school year on which they base all of their art. Throughout the year, their artwork evolves and becomes increasingly more sophisticated. At the end of the year, they exhibit their work in the PAC Lobby Gallery and they participate in the Senior Art Colloquium where they present their work and explain their processes to the Upper School community.

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Art and Design in Action

Students learn about the artist as advocate, educator, and instigator

In the Upper School Advanced Art 2 class, students learn about the role of the artist as advocate, educator, even instigator, and will be producing work that expresses their emotions about current issues.  The class recently experienced a virtual tour of the Katonah Museum of Art's exhibition, Bisa Butler: Portraits. Ran LaPolla, Chair of Art and Design Department, explained, "Not only is Bisa Butler's work beautiful and skilled, but her message is compelling and timely; a stunning celebration of Black pride, African roots and this nation's complex racial relationships."

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Advanced Art students become children's book illustrators during KingIsHome remote learning

With one full week of KingIsHome Remote Learning behind us, Advanced Art 2 students have found themselves in a new line of work: they are now children's book illustrators. Ran Lapolla, Chair of Visual Arts, assigned the task, which requires students to use Photoshop and follow specific steps outlined in a google doc. Students continue to engage deeply with the experience of education and make unexpected discoveries, from home. 

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