At King School, our students are exposed to many forms of creative expression and encouraged to pursue an artistic passion or discover a new one.

King’s Performing Arts program which includes theater arts and music, offers students the opportunity to make personal and cultural discoveries by participating in a creative, disciplined and collaborative process. Through a structured communal process, students develop self-confidence, perseverance, imagination, reflective thinking, and intuition.

The Visual Arts program at the King School stresses the importance of original creative thinking and personal artistic expression. Students learn to use and manipulate a wide range of media and techniques through assignments that are age appropriate yet challenging.

King’s stunning state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center (PAC) is an enviable setting for these creative pursuits. The lobby of the (PAC) doubles as extraordinary exhibition space for students, professional artists, and alumni.

Arts in Action

Visual Arts Program Welcomes Michael De Feo as King's October 2018 Visiting Artist

The Visual Arts department is excited to announce Michael De Feo as King's Visiting Artist for October 2018. Mr. De Feo will address the entire Upper School at an assembly on Monday, October 1. By then, students in all three divisions will have taken self-portrait photos which we will print in various sizes. Students, under the direction of Mr. De Feo, will paint flowers and leaves on top of their portraits with acrylic paint. These works will be exhibited in the PAC.

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