Student Learning Profile System

The Student Learning Profile System is the crucial beginning of our approach to teaching and learning at King School, where teachers “meet” their students well before classroom introductions take place. Each student Profile contains information detailing the five areas described below, together providing an overview of a student’s strengths, challenges and affinities, with a section devoted to teaching strategies. King’s Student Learning Profile System is used as one of many important tools that guide teachers' decisions about how to approach lessons, activities, and groupings based on student needs.

Executive Function / Memory
This category focuses on a student’s capacity to attend to instruction, plan and execute work, and store and retrieve information. A student with well-developed skills may be a candidate for independent study, while a student with less robust skills may require regular guidance.

This area covers all aspects of reasoning with language, including verbal discourse, and reading and writing. A students who excels would be encouraged to pursue advanced placements in English, World Languages and History, and to explore clubs such as Model UN, Debate, and the school newspaper, as well as writing competitions.

Problem solving, logic, and musical abilities are covered in this area. A student strong in visualizing spatial relationships might be encouraged to join math competitions or advanced study in certain scientific research areas. A student with less developed skills is offered opportunities for enrichment with daily Math Help Centers and 1-to-1 teacher meetings to provide step-wise approaches to logical problem solving.

Social / Emotional
Families and teachers benefit from sharing insights into a student’s emotional well being. A student may be especially skilled at reading emotions and could further develop these skills by leading discussions, participating in Leadership Lab activities, or exploring student “buddy” opportunities. For a student experiencing anxiety or social challenges, teachers can suggest helpful strategies.

This area highlights student’s interests and pursuits including arts, music, athletics and community commitments in and outside King School. For example, teachers know if a student is a ranked athlete requiring scheduling supporting occasional external competitions or is assembling a portfolio for art school. This section also helps teachers respond to any medical challenges, such as allergies or past concussions.

Department of Teaching and Learning Contacts

If you would like to discuss the Student Learning Profile for your child, please contact the Director of Teaching and Learning who supports your child’s Grade:

PreK-Grade 4: Chelsea Church at

Grades 5-8: Jessie Coulombe at

Grades 9-12: Anne Moriarty at or Heather Parker at