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Welcome to King School's Sustainability Hub

At King School, we are committed to embracing sustainability as a core value that not only benefits our environment but also instills a sense of responsibility and stewardship within our entire community. As we continue on this journey towards a greener future, we want to share with you some of the initiatives that are already in place.

Cleaning and Recycling

Our campus cleaning products are carefully selected and certified for reduced environmental and health impact. Additionally,  we made recycling more accessible by placing bins in every classroom, workspace, and common area. 

LED Lights

We transitioned to LED lighting throughout our campus. This not only enhances the quality of lighting but also significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Optimization

In addition to lighting upgrades, we implemented various measures to optimize energy use and reduce waste, including timers on our HVAC systems. These timers ensure that heating and cooling systems are active only when necessary, conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in sustainability. Preventative maintenance on all our boilers and replacement of all HVAC filters ensure efficient operation, further reducing energy consumption.

Efficient Water Management

Our commitment to sustainability extends to water conservation. We upgraded our irrigation controllers to be more efficient, allowing remote regulation based on weather conditions and monitoring of water usage. With these changes, we expect to reduce the water use by 25%.

Waste Reduction in Our Dining Hall

To minimize waste in our dining hall, we reinforced our recycling practices and partnered with a composting service. This initiative not only reduces waste and pollution but also enriches the soil, giving back to the earth. 

Environmentally Friendly Snow Management

In the winter months, we use a liquid ice melter for pre-treating parking lots, roadways, and critical sidewalks during snow events. This approach reduces the over-application of granular sodium chloride, protecting wastewater runoff and surrounding plant life.

Organic Turf Care

Our turf care program is fully organic, focusing on cultural practices that deter weed growth. We're also using horticultural vinegar to control weeds in shrub beds and paved surfaces, promoting a more sustainable landscape management approach.

A Collective Effort

While these initiatives showcase our commitment to sustainability, we emphasize that this is a collective endeavor. Every member of our school community plays a vital role in promoting and practicing sustainability.

We encourage each of you to continue your individual efforts in recycling, composting, and reducing waste whenever possible. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our environment and inspire future generations to do the same.