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The Power of Wonder

At King, the smartest person in the room is not the one with all the answers but the one with all the questions.

Our students are the curious ones – the ones who aren’t afraid to ask why, to try something new, to get it wrong before they get it right.

Because if it wasn’t for curiosity, no one would have ever discovered that the earth is round. If it wasn’t for questions, we wouldn’t know that we can fly. If it wasn’t for exploration, we would never have reached the moon. Questions took us there.

We believe in the POWER OF WONDER.

Lower School (PreK - Grade 5)

We create an environment that elevates wonder, curiosity, and joy. Our program is an interactive, hands-on experience that nurtures a love of learning and working with others. 

We foster self-discovery and encourage students to explore their academic, artistic, and athletic talents in ways that promote balance, growth, and overall wellness.

We empower students by emphasizing self-knowledge, expansive learning, and courageous thinking. These qualities lead to happy, healthy, and purposeful lives.

lower school students in biology class
students learning robotics
students in science class


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The Power of Inquiry

It begins with students as agents in the learning experience. When students are exploring, reflecting, questioning, evaluating, making connections — and expert educators are creating and welcoming these moments of discovery — students are truly learning.

Every day students are engaging as curious thinkers, challenging their intellect, and building the skills needed to lead lives of ongoing inquiry.

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The Power of Belonging

We welcome different viewpoints and perspectives. Ensuring that every member of the community enjoys a sense of belonging is paramount to the school’s mission and aligned with our virtues of Integrity, Kindness, Perseverance, and Respect. 

We celebrate our differences and various backgrounds, and we become stronger together.

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The Power of a King Education

King alumni thrive in college and rise to the top of any field or industry. Powered by their curiosity and guided by dedicated and expert educators, our students learn and learn how to learn. Armed with all the necessary skills that they will need in their lives beyond King, they leave ready to tackle the next chapters of their lives.

Our students strive to make an impact as bold, curious, and imaginative leaders and change-makers. By the time they graduate, they are better prepared to better the world. 

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Exploring Identity Through Global Art

A months-long study of the geometry found in different cultures sparked brilliant artwork by second grade students, which they recently presented in the Lower School. Inspired by geometric paintings commonly found in the homes of the South African Ndebele people, horizontal patterns common in Ghanaian kente cloth, and symmetrical motifs found in Islamic mosaics, the students produced original pieces infused with colors, patterns, and shapes.

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King School Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.

King School’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging permeates every aspect of the school’s community, especially in January. At King, celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. spans the entire month as students across the divisions research his life, examine his impact, and recognize the power of his example. The school’s hallways bare his quotes, lessons explore his vision, and conversations echo his dreams.

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Grade 8 Reenacts Pre-WWI Negotiations

One way to understand the events that led to World War I is to reenact them, which is exactly what Ken Lewis’ Grade 8 history class did recently. In an engaging and lively simulation, the exercise introduced students to the national alliances that developed before the start of The Great War. Using role-play, students gained a deeper understanding of the alliances and the discussions, negotiations, and occasional agreements between country representatives. 

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Winter Showcase and Spirit Week Schedule

This year's Winter Showcase will feature three of King's varsity teams in action, along with an upper school faculty versus student basketball game on Saturday, January 28. There will be plenty of momentum leading up to the game as students celebrate Spirit Week in all divisions, which will culminate in an upper school dance on the evening of Friday, January 27. Flik will be providing King "concession stand" items for all King students in attendance at the showcase games on campus on Saturday!

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R.E.A.D.Y. for Innovation

Culminating a semester-long independent study, students in King’s Middle School debuted their R.E.A.D.Y. projects this week to peers and community members. The projects showcased the unique interests of each student spanning the worlds of fashion, film, engineering, athletics, and more.

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