Board of Trustees

The Board is the guardian of the school's mission. It is the Board's responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission.

President Tom Conheeney
Vice President Alisa Savitz
Second Vice President Rich Goldman '79
Secretary Susan Mirza
Treasurer Jerry Knorr
At-Large Michael Johnson
At-Large Lynn King
At-LargeDoug Perlman
Executive Committee MemberFrederick S. Gold

Term Expires 2017 Ellen Adams
Chris Millerchip
Scott Mitchell
Lou Paglia

Term Expires 2018 Marlene Gilbert
Vicky Lunt
Linda Petrone
Amy Silberfein
Moira Snover

Steve Zide

Term Expires 2019 Adam De Chiara

Rob Holtz

Rose Moye
Frank Nash
Dan Ozizmir
Todd Raker

Head of School Thomas B. Main
President, Alumni Association Fiona Fine '90
President, Parents' Association Mi-Sun Freeman